Custom Spill Kit Options - Build your own!

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In addition to creating your own custom contents list, you can also brand your own bag. Call the Spill Solutions Canada team to inquire about silk screening your logo on your bag to help drive your spill kit business

How much do you need to absorb?

A good rule of thumb is to estimate your worst case senario. You'll need enough sorbents to clean up the maximum amount being spilled, as well as proper protection equipment depending on what form of liquid is being cleaned up. Which brings us to point 2;

What liquid are you absorbing?

For multiple, everyday liquids, use Universal kits. Everday liquids include all water based, non-chemical fluids, as well as oil products. Should you be wanting to only soak up oil and repel water, use an Oil Only kit. Due to these kits hydrophobic properties, oil based products will be the only fluid absorbed. Lastly, for any dangerous fluids/spills, use Hazmat kits. The bright yellow color alerts those around to the danger present, and the sorbents are built to combat caustic chemicals.

What type of Spills are being dealt with?

General spills and small pools of liquid can be soaked up with pads, which are present in all of our kits. Socks are to be used to not only soak up, but also prevent the liquid from moving (i.e. to contain the spill). Should you be dealing with a larger leak, such as a drum, you will require pillows, pads, and socks as together they have far more absorbancy. An epoxy to dam the hole present in the container would also be recommended in this instance.

What type of PPE will you require?

Most spills commonly require nitrile gloves, which are present in all our kits. Some spills also recommend splash goggles and a face mask where dust and fluid may be airborn during cleanup. Should you be dealing with more of a chemical spill; coveralls, boot covers, and face protection are highly recommended to ensure a workers safety while handling a spill

What spill kit container will you need?

When removing saturated sorbents, make sure a UN rated drum is being used. These are the overpack spill kit lines we offer from 20 to 95 gallons in size. For portable kits, we provide some as small as a nylon or clear zippered bag that can be put behind a car seat, all the way up to a wheeled cart of 95 gallons.