The most commonly used sorbents are pads & rolls due to their versatility, however there are many specialty formats such as socks, pillows, boom and other formats for more specific applications.



Sorbent Pads


These are by far the most popular format we manufacture. On average we manufacture four times more pads than all our other absorbents combined. These are available in different sizes as well as weights.

Sorbent Rolls

Rolls & Split Rolls

Primarily designed to cover large areas and walkways. Large spill containment can also be effectively and rapidly handled with the use of rolls. Perforated spilt rolls can be an effective way of dispensing pads by tearing off the pad size at each perforation.

Sorbent Pillows

Socks & Pillows

Are used to absorb leaks that are too large for pads. A pillows typical size is 18" X 18", where as a sock comes in 4 and 8 foot lengths with a 3 inch diameter. These are more frequently used in spill kits.

Sorbent Booms


These come in two diameters, 5 & 8 inch. The larger option is used more in open water and can be heavy once they contain absorbed substances. Booms usually absorb a quantity of water along with the oil making them even heavier. Our 5"  boom is the most popular but the 8" version will better stand waves, as it is extremely rugged

Industrial Rugs

Industrial Rugs

These resilient surface coverings come in a range of different materials and are useful for all sorts of applications and locations.

Sorbent Drum Tops

Drum Tops

Are trimmed to sit on the top of a 45 Gal drum and contain any spilled liquids. They are available in Oil only and Universal Formats.

Sorbent Selection Guide