Spill Solutions Canada provides and distributes a wide variety of Spill & Secondary Containment Products for industrial, commercial and military applications. These environmentally friendly products are designed to help our customer's comply with the various regulatory requirements for fuel, chemical and other liquids. If you cannot find what you are looking for please call us and we will work with you to ensure we find the right solution for your spill containment needs.


ULT-2100 (10' Section)
ULT-2101 (Connector)
ULT-2102 (Corner)

ULT-8210 (10' X 10')
ULT-8230 (15' X 15')

ULT-8431 (6' X 6')
ULT-8432 (10' X 10')
ULT-8716 (15' X 15')

ULT-8572 (10' X10')
ULT-8573 (10' X 20')
ULT-8582 (12' X 40')

ULT-8610 (6' X 6')
ULT-8611 (10' X 10')
ULT-8687 (12' X 40')

ULT-8400 (10' X 10')
ULT-8557 (12' X 40')

ULT-2800 (W/O Drain)
ULT-2801 (With Drain)

ULT-2823 (W/O Drain)
ULT-2820 (With Drain)

ULT-2831 (W/O Drain)
ULT-2832 (With Drain)

ULT-9935 (Standard)
ULT-9937 (Large)

ULT-4000 (Top Coat 1 Quart)
ULT-4001 (Bottom Coat 1 Quart)
ULT-4002 (Top Coat 1 Gal)
ULT-4003 (Bottom Coat 1 Gal)
ULT-4003 (Top Coat 5 Gal)
ULT-4004 (Bottom Coat 5 Gal)
ULT-4138 (Pump Sprayers)