Recommended Choice to Safeguard Against Toxic Chemicals !

Chemshield (Chemical Resistent) L-Rod Style Spill Berms

Call for custom sizes, fabric & pricing options. Also available in drive through & frame suported formats.

Part # Item Price
IBLR10106 Insta-Berm L-Rod Chemshield 10 foot X 10 foot X 6 inch $1129
IBLR101015 Insta-Berm L-Rod Chemshield 10 foot X 10 foot X 15 inch $1575
IBLR101515 Insta-Berm L-Rod Chemshield 10 foot X 15 foot X 15 inch $1995
IBLR202015 Insta-Berm L-Rod Chemshield 20 foot X 20 inch X 15 inch $3225
  • L-shaped rods hold up the walls, yet fold down easily for vehicle entry & exit
  • Fully collapsible for compact storage and easy transport
  • Instant Deployment without any tools
  • Wide range of standard sizes and custom sizes available
  • Can be easily cleaned, folded and stored for reuse
  • Appropriate for secondary containment of waste water, petroleum products and various chemicals

Guard against toxic spillage with the Insta-Berm (L-Rod), a fully collapsible, rapidly deployable berm made from chemical-resistant fabric (inter-polymer alloy). Constructed from industrial strength (30 oz) fabric, the Insta-Berm is an easy-to-install environmental safeguard that allows compaies to meet today's strict guidelines. Durable and reliable, use the Insta-Berm (L-Rod) virtually anywhere for secondary containment or storage of toxic materials. Meets EPA regulation 40CFR112.7 and Enviromental Canada Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products & allied Petroleum Regulations (SOR/2008-197). Certified to CAN/ULC-S668-12. (click here to learn more about our Fabric/material options)

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