We carry a full line of UltraTech Outdoor Drum Storage Units - Outdoor Rolltop Containment Units - Ultra-Hard Top P1, P2, P4, P8, and P12. These units are built out of 100% polyethylene construction and will not rust or corrode. The built-in sumps meet most Canadian & US containment regulations. Lockable doors allow for secure storage and are forklift compatible for convenient drum handling & storage.


ULT-1162 (W/O Drain)
ULT-1161 (With Drain)

ULT-9612 (W/O Drain)
ULT-9613 (With Drain)

ULT-9636 (W/O Drain)
ULT-9637 (With Drain)

ULT-1082 (W/O Drain)
ULT-1083 (With Drain)

ULT-1080 (W/O Drain)
ULT-1081 (With Drain)

ULT-9650 (W/O Drain)
ULT-9651 (With Drain)