Performance & Value Balancing Strength – Durability - Absorbency

Sorbents are available in many shapes, sizes, weights and fabric construction – the performance of the sorbent is a balance of absorption capacity and retention, wicking time, strength, durability, fabric lint and slip resistence.

Performance is actually dependent on application – generally speaking, a heavier or dense, low lint bale of pads will be stronger and more durable but will not wick as fast or absorb as much as a lighter more lofty bale. As a result, understanding how the sorbent will be used will set what performance standards should be and help a user decide what sorbent selection will derive the best value & performance. Spill Solutions Canada specializes in helping you choose the best solution for your application – saving you time, money and ensuring the most effective Spill Solution. Read ‘Sorbents Explained’ to learn more…..

Sorbents Explained The science of sorbents and how they actually work ?

There is a considerable deal of confusion when it comes to selecting the most suitable type of sorbent for a spill recovery task. Find out more about how sorbents actually work and understand the relative strengths of polypropylene and cellulose based products. Although ‘meltblown’ polypropylene based products remain the most commonly used – cellulose based and other sustainable options are gaining more and more acceptance due to both their performance attributes and their sustainable environmental impact. Let Spill Solutions Canada’s experienced team help you develop the right Spill Solution for your needs.

Application Colours Do I need Oil Only – Universal - HazMat ?

The industry had developed a colour coded standard to help users identify what sorbent to use at a moment’s notice to respond to a spill.

  • Oil Only – White or light blue in colour and absorbs oil based fluids while repelling water. Best used outdoors
  • Universal – Grey in colour and absorbs both water and oil based fluids. Theese are the best choice in most indoor spill situations.
  • HazMat – Yellow in colour and recommended to clean up unknown, corrosive or aggressive chemical spills. Can be used indoors or out.


Construction Details Bonded – Laminated – Fine Fibre – Weights

Is one size or weight better than another? There isn’t a definitive answer to this question but it is a well know fact in the sorbent industry that pads are rarely used to their full capacity. So, generally a mid-sized (15” X 18”) and medium weight (260 GSM) pad, makes the most economic and performance sense. Pads & rolls should be specified in grams per square meter – a great comparison benchmark tool to compare size & weight combinations of different products.

Another important aspect is the construction cover stock type – adding a laminated or fine fibre cover stock will impact performance characteristics – strength, durability, wicking speed and slip resistance.

Formats Pads – Rolls – Socks – Pillows – Boom – Industrial Rugs & Mats

The most commonly used sorbents are pads & rolls due to their versatility, however there are many specialty formats such as socks, pillows, boom and other formats for more specific application.

Sorbent Selection Guide